God wouldn’t allow guns in church

Pistol on Open Bible

Is there a more inappropriate place on Earth than a worship sanctuary for someone to carry a gun?

Now that Texas has a law that allows licensed Texans to carry firearms out in the open, the issue has arisen among church leaders about whether to allow guns inside their houses of worship.

My sincere hope is that churches will not go there, that senior pastors, priests, rabbis or imams will draw the line. Keep your guns in your motor vehicles outside.

A lawyer representing Catholic Diocese in Amarillo predicted that the bishop won’t allow guns into church sanctuaries. Fred Griffin said that guns run totally counter to the teachings of the church, that sanctuaries need to be free of these weapons of violence.

Gosh. Do you think?

I’m keeping my mind wide open on open carry. I’ve expressed some misgivings about the law enabling those who have concealed carry licenses to pack heat in the open.

I’m not going to say categorically that it’s a bad idea.

However, I cannot fathom the concept of someone walking into a church sanctuary to worship his or her God while packing a weapon in a holster. I can think of few circumstances that present a greater incongruity.

Perhaps some preachers have no problem with the idea of guns in a sanctuary. I hope, though, that they consult with their congregations before deciding to allow firearms into their house of worship.



One thought on “God wouldn’t allow guns in church”

  1. I am a police officer of 25 years and I disagree with this. While I am not a fan of open carry it has become law and I accept it..I am required to open carry while working, I conceal carry when not.

    The church I attend contracted through the city for me to be at all services armed and in full uniform and I did this as an assignment for several years although I simply gave back the pay as part of my contribution. The church leaders knew as well as I that there are numerous documented incidents of attacks on churches and they took a proactive measure to protect the flock from the wolf. It is written that faith without works is dead meaning that simply sitting sitting in church and having faith will not protect you from a deranged person intent on harming you, someone has to physically take action.

    Jesus himself deployed a rope end and drove the money changers out of the temple regarding it as his father’s house. Peter converted the Roman Centurian Cornelius and nowhere does it state that that Cornelius either did or was required to give up his status as a Centurian. I believe this significance has been lost as few understand that a Roman Centurian was a consummate warrior.

    I Believe that a church, or a school, or any other congregation of humans will never be protected by a sign that prohibits violence. At some point this will fall to the rough men…or women…who will allow you to congregate safely because they are prepared to visit violence on those who would do you harm.

    I understand that we are all given talents and not everyone has the capability of entering into an armed conflict…their talents lie elsewhere and those, like mine, are God given. I do, however, think you should reevaluate your stance regarding this because I am one of many who will, and has, confronted violence on behalf of the innocent with a firearm wherever it way be.

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