Not defending the Duggars, but what about privacy?

Joe Bob and Michelle Duggar are getting their share of bad press over the interview they did with Fox News’s Megyn Kelly.

I’m not going to join that amen chorus. My own view of the Duggars and their “19 Kids and Counting” so-called “reality” show really doesn’t matter. The fact that they’ve been on TV, seeking publicity for themselves and their kids — only to have it revealed that one of them — molested young girls when he was a teenager speaks volumes about the parents.

However, Kelly raises and interesting point about one significant aspect of this burgeoning controversy.

Why were the names of the victims revealed?

The sisters who were fondled by Josh Duggar — who’s now 27 years of age — have been released for the world to see. A third girl’s name has not been released; she’s not a Duggar.

But the sisters’ names are out there.

I covered my share of police stories over the years and one of the rules of print journalism is that you don’t publish the names of sexual assault victims, let alone the names of children who are victimized in that manner. Kelly said today that someone filed a Freedom of Information Request and that someone felt obligated to provide it, to release the names of the Duggar kids on whom Josh Duggar put his hands.

Mom and Dad Duggar haven’t acquitted themselves well in this matter. That’s their problem. As for the media, I disagree strongly with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee’s assertion that they’ve been “bloodthirsty.” Huckabee is a Duggar family friend and he’s sticking up for his friends and political allies.

But I’ve always thought the media were honor-bound to protect the privacy of sexual assault victims.

What am I missing?

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