Nice to be wrong about a government program

Government, whether at the federal or state level, usually becomes the target for critics.

Most of the criticism is earned. Government often isn’t our friend. It’s inefficient. It hinders us in some way — or so much of the criticism goes.

I’m going to say something good about a state government idea that went into effect this past March.

Texas no longer issues windshield stickers telling the police that your car has passed a safety inspection.

I had my doubts about how this new program would work. Those doubts have been eliminated. I managed to get my big ol’ beast of a pickup’s auto registration renewed right along with a state inspection. No hassle at all.

The idea was to eliminate the printing of those stickers that used to go on the inside of your windshield. The state figures to save about $2 million annually by not having to print the stickers. Is that a lot of money in a multibillion-dollar annual budget? No. But, heck, a couple million bucks isn’t exactly walking-around money.

The new rules are pretty simple.

Within 90 days of your motor vehicle registration expiration, you get your vehicle inspected. Once approved, the inspection station attendant removes the sticker and gives you a receipt. You present your receipt to the tax assessor-collector clerk when you renew your auto registration. You then get your auto registration, which goes on your windshield all by itself. And, yes, you still have to provide proof of insurance when you get your vehicle inspected.

It’s easy.

What’s more, it saves the state a few bucks.

What can be wrong with that? Nothing, I tell ya. Nothing.

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