Perry unaffected by Jeb Bush's plans

It’s a fair question to ask of the Texas governor.

Will the announcement by Jeb Bush to “actively explore” a presidential campaign in 2016 affect your own plans, your own timetable for making a decision?

Rick Perry’s answer. No change in plans.

Did anyone expect him to say anything else?

The Republican field is starting to take some form with the former Florida governor’s announcement of an exploratory operation getting started. Many other Republicans are pondering their next move. Bush’s announcement might alter some decision-making and announcements — but not Perry’s?

An adviser to Perry told the San Antonio Express-News: “It definitely won’t affect the governor’s decision-making process,” the adviser said, adding that Perry plans to make his decision in the spring.

I doubt strongly that Perry and Bush would target the same GOP bloc of primary voters. Perry is a member of long standing of the TEA party wing of the GOP. Bush isn’t. He’s more mainstream, although the two men do share a compassionate view of immigrants, particularly those who are here illegally. Indeed, immigration is the one area where I support Perry’s agenda.

We shouldn’t expect Rick Perry to change a thing with regard to his own presidential campaign planning. He’s not wired that way. Bush will do whatever he plans to do and Perry will march ahead — to his own cadence.



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