End of new year's resolutions

The older I get the more I dislike new year’s resolutions.

I haven’t made one in many years. I don’t intend to do so now in public. Having just turned 65 years of age, I figure that now that I’m officially a “senior citizen,” I can get away with going about my business as I usually do.

I’m sure I’ll see a few people at the gym when I return Friday morning. It works out that way every year. The “resolutionists” show up to make good on their pledge to get fit, lose weight and live a healthier life. It’ll tail off after about, oh, two to three weeks.

That’s one reason why I don’t make resolutions of that type. I am one of those who I’ve just described who have good intentions the moment they resolve to do something. Then they forget how committed they were, or they were just kidding all along. I’m never going to ask someone which is which.

Some of the pledges I’ve made I’ve done so privately. I don’t tell anyone. Not even my wife of 43 years. Heck, she knows me too well as it is. I can’t kid her.

So, the new year is upon us. That ball will drop in Times Square in a few hours. I won’t see from my living room. I’ll be asleep by then. I’m old, remember?

Resolutions? Not going to make ’em, at least not out loud.

I’ll just keep on keepin’ on, trying to be the best husband, father, grandfather, brother I can be to those I love.

All that’s left is to wish y’all a Happy New Year.

I’ll be back on this blog with more thoughts — some scathing, some not — in 2015.

Be safe out there.


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