Sign says it all

One of my fondest wishes – and I’ve got a few of them – is for all the morons who think they can text while driving a motor vehicle would see the message being flashed on those Amber Alert electronic signs next to Amarillo’s two stretches of interstate highway.

The message says: You talk, you text, you crash.

They’re flashing constantly to motorists as they whiz by along Interstates 40 and 27.

Amarillo has established a no-talking-while-driving ordinance. The Texas Legislature has been considering a statewide ban on texting while driving; I am not sure where that one stands at the moment.

I mention all this knowing full well too many motorists are ignoring the city’s prohibition against talking on handheld cellphones while they are driving, say, their Suburban Assault Vehicles through heavy traffic, often with kids in the back seat.

And, no, just seeing those signs isn’t going to stop the idiots from continuing that highly hazardous practice.

Idiots, by definition, pay no attention to these warnings – which is why they’re idiots.

Have I mentioned that they’re morons, too?

April is National Distracted While Driving Month and the signs, courtesy of the Texas Department of Transportation, will be flashing the message for the entire month.

If only they would do some good.

Sigh …

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