Joblessness up slightly in Texas … who gets blame?

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been quite fond in recent times of touting his economic policies for putting Texans to work while so many Americans elsewhere were struggling to find jobs.

Now we hear that the jobless rate in Texas has ticked up a bit. Who is responsible for that? Is it even worth worrying about?

The national figures in recent years has shown unemployment at 7.6 to 8.5 percent. When it ticked up, we hear from President Obama’s critics that his policies are the reason Americans can’t find work. Chief among those critics has been Gov. Perry, who’s taken to trumpeting Texas’s low-tax, pro-business climate as a reason for businesses to relocate to the Lone Star State.

He’s right about the state’s pro-business environment. But the silence when not-so-good news arrives on our doorstep is equally instructive.

I must ask: If the feds deserve blame for the bad news, don’t they deserve credit for the good news? And if the state is going to take credit for its own good news, isn’t there room for criticism when the jobless rate goes in the wrong direction?

Just wondering …

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