Putting words in candidates’ mouths


This editorial from the Amarillo Globe-News seeks to take issue with those who link Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney with some hideous remarks about rape by GOP senatorial candidate Richard Mourdock of Indiana.

The essence of the editorial’s concern is that it is inappropriate to hold Romney accountable for remarks made by one of his supporters. Mourdock’s thoughts on rape are his own and are not necessarily Romney’s.

Mourdock said that if a woman becomes pregnant as the result of a rape that her pregnancy is “God’s will,” suggesting that the Almighty has determined she must give birth to a child conceived in an act of violence.

I won’t criticize my former colleagues for the position taken by this editorial. But I do want to point out the hypocrisy of Republicans who are bemoaning the effort to link Mourdock to their party’s presidential nominee.

Why the hypocrisy? Remember back in 2008 when the Rev. Jeremiah Wright – Barack Obama’s former Church of Christ pastor – was uttering some incredibly hateful talk about America. Wright excoriated the nation over racial inequality. What did Obama’s foes do? They said the then-U.S. senator should disavow Wright’s comments and heaped mountains of criticism on him for attending a church led by someone such as Jeremiah Wright. Indeed, Obama eventually did issue a strong disavowal, but in the brass-knuckle political world, that hasn’t been good enough for many of Obama’s persistent critics – who bring up Jeremiah Wright’s name to this very day.

Didn’t Barack Obama deserve the same benefit of the doubt being sought for Mitt Romney?

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  1. Uncle, the difference is that Rev Wright held a leadership and influential position over President Obama that Senator Mourdock does not hold over Romney. A very key difference that you mention briefly but do not acknowledge the difference.

  2. What control do you think is Romney's part? Really, quite a different circumstance, Pres. Obama continued to CHOSE to go to a Church with this Rev. Wright. I'm not sure why I challenge you, by saying this or why for that matter I read this, as after the first offended me so, I said to myself, note; Do not read his blog if it boils my anger…

    I am a woman who chooses to vote for Romney/Ryan on MANY issues, not over educated, with a low income, barely getting by with less pay than I've had in the last ten years. So please….

  3. John, the difference is that one was taught by his friend while the other sat next to him in class. Big difference.

  4. ohn, some good points and I agree with you at the highest altitude. But, the flaw in Dave's reasoning (abetted by not being as smart as you are), is that Romney endorsed Mourdock. Now Romney's campaign is trying to walk it back (as they say in the latest jargon).

    Also, Wright and Obama are part of the United Church of Christ; big difference.

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