Don’t pre-empt gaffes

Jonah Goldberg is a pretty sharp, young conservative columnist – with whom I have little in common, ideologywise.

But he’s right about the dangers of early voting, a subject I’ve explored already on this blog. His point essentially is that early voting pre-empts any gaffes a candidate might make on his/her way to Election Day.

And that’s precisely why I prefer to wait until the final day to cast my vote.

I don’t expect my presidential candidate to make a serious verbal mistake between now and Nov. 6. The other guy might, which only would serve to shore up my confidence in the selection I’m going to make at the polling place.

Texas has done a good job of making early voting easy and accessible for those who just cannot wait. Randall and Potter county residents have several locations available to them to cast their votes early.

But I’m a stickler for tradition. I’ll just bide my time for next 12 days and watch this drama play out.

Then I’ll vote … on Election Day … which is Nov. 6. See you then.

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