Celebrities embarrass their political icons


Eva Longoria is gorgeous and from I understand a quite capable actress.

She’s also a loudmouth and a lout, based on what she reportedly said about Mitt Romney. Longoria is supporting Barack Obama. She referred to Romney with a “t-word” that rhymes with “swat.” Enough said about what she uttered.

But she is just the latest example of why celebrities do not need to garner undue attention because they support a presidential candidate. Longoria’s utterance has prompted quite a bit of discussion in recent days from commentators who say she ought to resign from whatever position she has in the Obama campaign. I don’t think she occupies an actual post. She’s just a celebrity who’s lending her name in support of the president.

Before we paste the boorish celebrity label on liberals, let’s be mindful that both parties have their share of show biz crassness.

Exhibit A of this behavior during the 2012 campaign has been the Motor City Madman, right-wing rocker Ted Nugent who some months ago made a statement that the Secret Service interpreted as a direct threat against President Obama. Nugent said if the president is re-elected, he (Nugent) would be dead or in prison; many observers believed Nugent was referring to harm he might seek to bring against the president.

Celebrity endorsers don’t lend any expertise to these campaigns. They do provide a laugh or two along the way. Yes, they also cause considerable heartburn among the candidates they intend to boost.

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