Truckers taking a detour

Texas transportation officials had this bright idea: Let’s build a toll road and then post the fastest speed limits in the country.

Fine. The speed demons among us love the idea of being able to drive 85 mph – or faster – on this new road between Austin and San Antonio.

Ah, but wait. Some of the more reasonable among us are deciding they just might stay away. And in the case of Texas 130 – the aforementioned toll road – it’s going to cost the state money in lost toll-road revenue. Seems that Texas trucking outfits don’t like the high speed and their long-haul drivers are going to stay away from Texas 130. And given that toll road authorities charge more for trucks than they do, say, for family vehicles, the state is going to lose some revenue.

The 85-mph speed limit is a nutty idea on its face. Everyone in America knows that speed limits generally are ignored by many millions of drivers – maybe even most of them. Tell them to drive 70 and they’ll go 75, maybe 80. Put up an 85-mph speed limit sign and God only knows how fast some of these motor-driven idiots will go.

Truckers think the Texas Department of Transportation has created a monster with this toll road, which is designed to relieve traffic congestion on the perpetually crowded Interstate 35 demolition derby track.

The highway is going to open very soon. Truckers are trying to persuade TxDOT to change its mind on the breakneck speed limit.

I hereby join them in that call. Slow it down, TxDOT.

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  1. Huh. Well, good for the trucking companies to have some sense! Cars going that fast are likely to get to close when a truck catches the wind and sways anyhow.

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