Who cares about this milestone?

Alex Rodriguez hit his 600th career home run Wednesday and what does he get? A collective yawn from the sporting public, unless you live in and around New York City.

Is there any surprise? Of course not.

A-Rod has admitted using steroids back when he played for the Texas Rangers. Well, he’s hitting dingers for the New York Yankees these days. He became only the seventh player in major league history to pass the 600-HR mark, but no one seems to care.

He cheated to get there.

I recall the day when such a milestone created almost a national holiday. Willie Mays hit No. 600 and we stopped in awe. Hank Aaron’s 600th and then his 700th career HRs were cause for dancing in the streets.

These days? Big deal. A-Rod’s 600th is seen by millions of fans as just another home run.

I used to truly root for Rodriguez to break Barry Bonds’ career home run mark of 762. But that was before he admitted to using ‘roids — after denying it for many years prior to that.

Now? I don’t give a rip.

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