Those durn rocks … grrrr!

I spoke too soon. Shame on me.

I had thought I had dodged a bullet because the seal-coating operation under way in my southwest Amarillo neighborhood wouldn’t affect me much because of our rear-entry driveway. And I said as much in an earlier post on this blog.

Well … I was wrong. I went brain-dead and forgot about the street behind our house from which we enter the alley that leads to our driveway and garage.

I went home last night and found that gritty asphalt-covered gravel all over the street behind our house. It splattered the undercarriage of my car.

Then, this morning, I awoke early (as usual) and headed down the alley for my morning workout. Then it happened.

The car began howling from a noise underneath. I guess some of the seal-coated rocks had gotten into the brakes, causing that hideous whining sound.

At least that’s what I hope happened.

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  1. Complaints about the streets in Amarillo make me smile, These people should try living in Clarendon, where most of the streets on the east side of town are unpaved cowpaths. Those that have something resembling paving are riddled with pothole. On the west side of town, the residents are enjoying nicely paved streets with curbing, while the whole city pays for it to the tune of 30 cents per hundred in property taxes…….Bitter? Yes we are.

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