Godspeed, Alan Taylor

Alan Taylor seems like a mere interloper compared to the two men who preceded him as Amarillo city manager.

Of course he is anything but such a thing. Taylor announced his retirement Wednesday after “only” six years on the job. The two men who came before him — John Stiff and John Ward — both served two decades each in the hot seat at City Hall. Thus, Taylor’s relatively brief time at the helm seems like a eye’s blink.

But he did a great job running a $200 million a year “company,” the city of Amarillo. He has put up with the grief that comes with the job. He has persevered through difficult economic times. But all the while, the city achieved unprecedented financial standing a year ago when it received the highest bond rating in the city’s history. How did that happen? Through sound fiscal management — which makes Taylor proud, and justifably so.

The city has made huge strides in preserving its water. Its police and fire departments work well. The streets are relatively well cared for. Our park system has grown. Downtown redevelopment is under way. The city has cracked down on those who don’t do what they should to maintain neighborhood cleanliness.

So, I want to wish Alan Taylor well as he embarks on the next phase of his life, which will take him to the Central Texas community of Georgetown.

Well done, Mr. Manager.

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