Good job on the campaign signs, judge

This might not seem like a big deal, but it kinda-sorta is, given what I’ve witnessed in recent election cycles.

Potter County Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace Frank Frausto has placed campaign signs throughout his precinct that urge voters to “elect” him to the office he currently occupies. He doesn’t use the term “re-elect,” because he hasn’t been elected yet to the seat to which he was appointed by county commissioners.

Why make note of this? Well, during the 2009 Amarillo ISD trustee election, I saw signs touting the candidacies of two incumbents that said voters should “re-elect” them, even though neither of them hadn’t been elected to their offices. Both of them, John Ben Blanchard and Mary Faulkner, had been appointed to fill vacancies created by resignations. Thus, their signs weren’t truthful. Both of them won election, and they’re both doing fine jobs on the Amarillo school board.

But kudos should go to Judge Frausto for using precise language in his effort to win election to public office.

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