Ethnic pride vs. professional rivalry

The campaign for the Texas House of Reps District 87 seat has taken on an interesting dimension.

Mexican restaurants all across Amarillo are posting campaign signs touting the name of one of their competitors, who also is running in the Republican primary set for March 2.

Victor Leal — who is campaigning against Walter “Four” Price for the GOP nomination to the District 87 seat — has run a restaurant in Amarillo for the past half-dozen years. I’m guessing he has drawn some business from many of the more established eating establishments that feature the same type of cuisine.

However … when you drive around the city these days you see big “Leal” campaign signs on these competitors’ property. And it’s not just in the Potter County portion of Amarillo, which lies inside the District 87 boundary. I’ve noticed several such signs in front of Mexican restaurants near my neighborhood, which is in Randall County.

I’m not yet sure what all this means, except that perhaps ethnic pride — Leal is Mexican-American — trumps the restaurant business’ competitive nature.

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  1. Amazing. I hope you don't actually take yourself seriously, John.

    “Ethnic Pride”? It couldn't possibly be that he's a small businessman who will look out for the interests of other small businessmen, could it? In case you've somehow missed them, there are Leal signs in front of many non-mexican restaurants like Olive Garden, Chick-fil-a and Kabuki, just to name a few.

    Please only write something if it is worth reading. Your trashy blog posts make me sick.

  2. I agree with the previous post that I would tend to believe that Leal is receiving support for both Mexican and Non-Mexican restaurants not because of his ethnicity but because of his business connections with the restauranteurs.

    However, unlike the previous poster, I do enjoy reading your blog.

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