Amen to that, Brother Sham

Brad Sham ran it back for a long gainer, so to speak, today at the Good Scout Luncheon sponsored by the Golden Spread Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

The Dallas Cowboys announcer was talking about the value of scouting on society and the values promoted by that organization. “There’s no meanness in scouting,” Sham said, exhorting us all to “rid our politics of such meanness.”

I heard a quiet “amen” from someone sitting nearby in the crowded Grand Plaza Ballroom at the Amarillo Civic Center.

Me? I wanted to stand, shout and applaud the guy.

He talked about how his world of sports — with its superstars, glitzy stadiums, and all the glamor — isn’t “real life,” but that the credo of the Boy Scouts is as real as it gets. “Scouting is real life and it is what you carry forward” into adulthood, Sham told of the young people who take part in Boy Scouts.

May we all carry the Scouts’ values forward every single day.

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