Listen to this man tonight

The president of the United States has a big day ahead of him. He’ll take care of the country’s business and then, tonight around 8 (CST), he’ll stand before a joint session of Congress and deliver his first State of the Union speech.

Pay attention, ladies and gents, and put your texting devices away. Oh, and avoid the unbecoming outbursts that became the back story of the previous time President Obama spoke to y’all.

The president has some serious things to discuss tonight. Jobs, the overall state of the economy, the on-going war against terrorists and the general state of matters in the United States will be covered. It’s reported that Obama even might admit to some mistakes during his first year in office. The president deserves the undivided attention of the elected reps sitting in front of him, and they shouldn’t be tweeting, twittering, texting, twisting and twirling to their friends, supporters and family members while the president is speaking to them.

Let’s remember, he’s been invited formally by the House of Representatives. That’s the protocol involved here. He’s a guest in the People’s House. And he should be treated with respect.

As for the outburst, one should hope everyone in the audience will have the good manners to keep their traps shut, unlike Rep. Joe “You Lie!” Wilson, R-S.C., who — the last time President Obama spoke to a joint session — embarrassed many Americans with his well-chronicled outburst.

Pay attention, folks.

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