I’ve been called out

“Could you list the mistakes she made other than being a conservative woman? Or is it being a member of a church you don’t like? Maybe having too many children or having imperfect children? Or was it being an outspoken conservative? Maybe you could blog about the mistakes Sarah Palin made… I would love some of the “facts” that give you the right to state so overtly the charge that she made “plenty of mistakes”.Was that you who blogged last week about Fox News being biased?”

The above is a comment to an item I posted on my blog this week. OK, I’ve been called out.


Let’s see. Sarah Palin quit her job as Alaska’s governor halfway through her first term, declaring she didn’t want to be a “lame duck.” That was something of an admission that she is incapable of governing for the remainder of her term after declaring her intention not to seek re-election. I consider that to be a mistake.

Hmm. What else? Oh, she said she refused federal earmark money for the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere.” Oops. Not true. She accepted it at first, then turned it down when the stuff hit the fan over the earmark and former Sen. Ted Stevens’ role in obtaining it for Alaska. Yep, that’s a mistake.

Anything else? Oh yeah. In a TV interview, she said she couldn’t name a single newspaper or news periodical she read. The question seemed to catch her off guard and off balance. Another mistake.

OK, one more. In another TV interview, Gov. Palin couldn’t define the “Bush Doctrine” as it relates to the nation’s foreign policy. (My understanding of the doctrine is that President Bush felt it imperative to put our national interests first when deciding critical foreign policy matters; he didn’t believe it was altogether critical that the United States be held in high esteem in foreign capitals.)

Palin bristled at John McCain’s aides who tried to control her speeches and public utterances; she demonstrated a lack of knowledge on economic matters and on critical foreign-policy issues.

So, there you have it — for what it’s worth.

Gov. Palin has made plenty of errors on her meteoric rise to political superstardom.

And I’ll say it again: Fox News is every bit as biased as the other networks.

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  1. So, Mr. Kanelis, you would rather Ms. Palin serve out the remainder of her term as opposed to resigning. Maybe you should read the transcript of her resignation speech where she indicates that the 15 frivolous lawsuits (all of which were won by Ms. Palin) were costing the state too much money. Hopefully you are able to connect the dots and figure out why she might have felt as a lame duck it would be better for the state if she stepped down.

    Do you think she should have accepted the “bridge to nowhere” money?

    You think it is a mistake not to read what the media has to say…. Okay!?!?! Maybe she chose to be informed rather that adopting and repeating the mindless drivel from writers such as yourself.

    You think Ms. Palin should have been able to define the “Bush Doctrine” as it relates to Foreign Policy.

    You make it sound like George Bush and/or his staff sat down and wrote out a “Bush Doctrine” for all to study and memorize. The truth is that Charles Krauthammer coined the term. He explains that the “Bush Doctrine” is “the idea that the fundamental mission of American foreign policy is to spread democracy throughout the world.” Gibson was the one that made a mistake. If you can call being ignorant and criminally cunning a mistake.

    You can find the article at http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/09/12/AR2008091202457_2.html I would not want you to continue to make a mistake by not reading the Washington Post article.

    Finally, do I understand that you feel that Palin should have let the McCain aides type her speeches on a teleprompter for her to repeat? Do you feel the better choice would have been to deceive the voters into thinking she was someone else? The main reason McCain lost, in my opinion, is because he suddenly decided to act like a moderate. So I think he benefited from Palin’s choice to be a straight shooter. If you feel this way, you should speak to the current Vice President.

    I refer you to a liberal’s summation of Biden at http://archives.chicagotribune.com/2008/aug/28/nation/chi-oped0828lipsonaug28. I am fairly certain Palin would not have revealed the location of the secret bunker, lied about a conversation she had with President Bush, confused Roosevelt with Hoover (or a radio speech with a televised speech), warned people not to fly on planes or claimed that the administration would do away with coal plants.

    I will agree that Fox has conservative leanings but when the liberal leaning media pretends they are “fair and balanced” and then gripes about Fox not being balanced it is annoying.

  2. Oh okay yeah, pick on Palin. Jump on that bandwagon since its becoming alarmingly clear that the Dynomite Democrats have NO idea how to run a country, structure anything, or even agree!!

  3. The Bush doctrine is the policy that the United States has the right to strike any entity that could be a threat to our national security, even if it isn't immediately threatening.

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