He’s done the impossible

Levi Johnston has done the impossible: He’s made me feel moderately sorry for Sarah Palin.

Johnston is the guy who got Palin’s daughter pregnant. He and Bristol Palin then broke up shortly after the 2008 election, which featured the former Alaska governor’s bid to become vice president on a Republican ticket led by Sen. John McCain.

Palin then quit the governor’s office for reasons that few of us in the Lower 48 can understand. Meanwhile, Johnston — an inarticulate rube — has gone on the attack against the Palin clan. Now he’s set to pose for Playgirl magazine. He is making a name for himself merely because he fathered a child out of wedlock with the daughter of a public figure who made a name for herself by becoming the darling of the morally righteous wing of the Republican Party.

But ex-Gov. Palin doesn’t deserve to be trashed by this clown, Levi Johnston.

She’s made plenty of mistakes on her own. That she’s being raked over the coals by a loser such as Johnston is insulting on its face.

I’m feeling just a tad sorry for her.

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  1. Could you list the mistakes she made other than being a conservative woman? Or is it being a member of a church you don't like? Maybe having too many children or having imperfect children? Or was it being an outspoken conservative? Maybe you could blog about the mistakes Sarah Palin made… I would love some of the “facts” that give you the right to state so overtly the charge that she made “plenty of mistakes”.

    Was that you who blogged last week about Fox News being biased?

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