Fox is biased, no question about it

It seems as if everyone is commenting on the White House feud with Fox News.

Now it’s my turn.

Anita Dunn, the White House communications director, happens to be right about Fox. It isn’t “fair and balanced.” Its news presentation is no less biased than, say, the other networks who many folks say tilt the other way. Those who suggest that Fox presents the news without bias do not understand the meaning of the term “bias,” nor can they unhook themselves from their own political tether.

Fox has a huge following in the Panhandle. I understand the political leanings of this community. Our residents gravitate to news presented in a way that they find agreeable, just as those in Berkeley or Boston gravitate to news presented in a way that they find agreeable.

But the bigger issue is whether the White House should have singled out Fox in the first place. The answer is a resounding “no!” The White House has many bigger fish to fry than a cable television network. And Anita Dunn has picked a fight that she simply cannot win. Fox’s ratings are through the roof. She merely has enabled the network to make hay where none existed prior to her opening her mouth.

President Obama could end this matter on the spot by appearing on a Fox News talk show, joust with his interrogators (just as he jousted with George Stephanopoulos recently on “This Week”) shake their hands when the time is up and be done with it.

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