Democratic loons are loose

I took Republican Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina to task for shouting out “You lie!” to President Obama during a presidential speech to a joint session of Congress. Wilson acted like the loser he is with his highly inappropriate remark.


But now the other side has produced its own Lunatic of the Moment. Democratic Freshman Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida needs to shut his pie hole.


Grayson, it seems, has taken lately to leveling serious insults at Republicans. His targets have been former Vice President Dick Cheney and, just the other day, he referred to a female aide to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke as a “K Street whore.” Grayson did apologize for the snarky “whore” remark. But the damage has been done.


He’s trying to be glib and funny. He’s neither. He’s acting like a boorish lout who ought to join Joe Wilson on the back bench, facing the wall, never to be seen or heard from again.
President Obama promised a new tone in Washington. It’s clear that some Republicans aren’t willing to change their ways. Neither, though, are some members of the president’s own party. If Obama cannot quiet the loons of the right, surely he has some sway with goofballs on the left — such as Rep. Grayson.
Take this guy to the woodshed, Mr. President.



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