Turn out the lights …

Do you know how to build relationships within your neighborhood?

Turn out the lights.

How do I know this? My house was one of several hundred in southwest Amarillo that went dark for several hours Thursday evening while crews worked to restore electrical service. An automobile wreck cut service in much of that part of the city.

How did many of us on our street spend the time when our homes were dark? We went outside. Some of us worked in our yard. At the west end of our street, perhaps three or four households all had poured onto their front yards, with the young children playing with each other as dusk settled in over the Panhandle.

Air conditioning and rear-entry driveways have helped damaged neighborhood fellowship. The AC keeps us cool during these hot summer days and early evenings. The rear-entry drives mean we don’t have much interaction with neighbors when we get home after work.

So, when someone blows out the power for any length of time, go outside and enjoy your neighbors’ company. At least we will all have something to talk about.

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