Always know where you are


U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison may have given her likely chief Republican gubernatorial opponent next year some campaign ammo.

Hutchison came to West Texas A&M University this week to promote a federal grant to help WT pay for redeveloping a former hospital into research and development offices. But, durn it, she referred to the school several times by its former name, West Texas State University.

Oops …

If we fast-forward to, say, January 2010, we can imagine Texas first lady Anita Perry — who graduated with a nursing degree from WT before it joined the A&M System — speaking to a rally at the Courthouse Square while campaigning for her husband, Gov. Rick Perry.

“I’m so happy to be here with you, my people,” Mrs. Perry might say. “And y’all can rest assured, I know the name of West Texas A&M University, unlike my husband’s opponent. Go Buffs!”

Could the campaign get so cheap and cheesy as to lampoon Hutchison’s relatively minor faux pas?

Ummm. Yes it could.

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  1. Oh, John, the campaign will become cheap and cheesy. but I don’t consider this a minor faux pas. We taxpayers spend a ton of money for Hutchison’s salary and for her staff and they still didn’t get it right. If they can be this stupid and screw up something this minor, how do we expect them to get the big things right?They won’t.

  2. I’ve given up and just tell people that I graduated from West Texas State. It’s easier and avoids the tiresome explanation of having to say, “No, not the one in College Station. It’s in Canyon, which is just outside of Amarillo.” After that follows an explanation of where Amarillo is. If you just say West Texas State, people hear Texas and assume it’s somewhere near Dallas or Houston.

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