Pretty on the outside

Randall County’s Courthouse — which hasn’t functioned as one in decades — is getting a facelift.

Hooray! Except for this little complication: It’ll be on the outside. The inside will remain unusable.

Historic preservationists are giddy at the prospect of the courthouse, which was built in 1909, is going to look pretty. The county had obtained a $1.9 million grant from the state. Pro-courthouse forces then persuaded a majority of county voters — in the election this past November — to authorize spending local money to cover the rest of the estimated $3.2 million job with their tax dollars. What no one said out loud during that campaign, though, was that the money would cover only the cost of the outside of the building.

It still won’t function as a courthouse once its exterior is fixed up. So, the county eventually will have a gussied-up shell of a building. Then what? The county has moved most of its government offices off the square in Canyon.

County residents — and I’m one of them — would hate to see the courthouse knocked down. I’m having trouble understanding the county’s next step once the outside of the building is cleaned up and made presentable.

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  1. There are several sticking points about the Randall County Courthouse. First, the pro-courthouse (Skip Huskey specifically) didn’t tell the whole truth/story on the election last year and duped Randall voters into FINALLY passing the remodeling project. I wasn’t one of them as I read the fine print of the measure. What Randall passed was a blank check to County Commissioners to redo the entire courthouse – inside and out with taxpayer money (a measure Skip himself said would never happen)! So here’s what I think: Randall County commissioners should spend about $30 million to redo the whole dang thing. Then they should pass the entire bill onto the residents of Randall County over a 2 year period (raising taxes by about $500/property). Then they should run for re-election. Actually, Skip Huskey should be pubically flogged for his hand in all this! As for county residents hating to see the courthouse knocked down? Wrong naytawn – I’d be happy to push the button to bring that ugly eye sore to the ground!

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