How’s the weather out there?

I love High Plains Public Radio. I am a “member.” I’m a devoted morning listener. I believe public radio is a marvelous relatively recent addition to the Panhandle’s radio air waves.

But something bothers me when I hear the morning weather report coming from the station in Garden City, Kan. The station hardly ever reports the Amarillo weather accurately. This morning, the announcer intoned that at that particular moment, the Amarillo sky included “a few clouds.” I looked up. I craned my neck. I couldn’t find a cloud anywhere in the vast Panhandle sky.

This isn’t the first time. It’s becoming an annoying trend. An “overcast sky” usually has spotty clouds. If they report our sky as “clear,” it’s usually cloudy.

I know the folks in Garden City cannot see this far south — even if they stand on their tiptoes — to determine the actual weather in Amarillo. But they do have access to that information. HPPR even has a studio in downtown Amarillo. Perhaps they could call someone here, ask them what the weather is like at that moment — and then reported it accurately to listeners such as me.

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