Here’s why we should care

It’s interesting to me how so many outside of Illinois give a flip about the fate of Sen. Roland Burris. At first blush, one can ask: Why should we, in Texas, for instance care whether he stays or goes?

Well, as a U.S. senator, he would vote on laws that affect us here, as well as his constituents in Illinois.

Perhaps you’ve heard the story. Disgraced former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich appointed Burris to the seat made vacant when Barack Obama was elected president. It then became known that Blago sought political favors for the appointment. Burris at first said he had no contact with Blago, who subsequently was tossed out of office by the Illinois legislature.

Ah, but now it appears Burris did discuss raising money for Blago in exchange for an appointment to the Senate.

Sen. Burris is accused of being a bald-faced liar. Yes, I know: He is not the only one of those who serves on Capitol Hill. The calls for his resignation are growing louder by the day. And they’re coming from places far beyond the Illinois state line.

Many senators didn’t want Burris picked in the first place. They just lacked the legal standing to prevent him from getting it. Blago had the legal authority to make the selection. It turns out their political instincts were right on.

But Burris cannot serve now that the evidence is mounting that he offered to “pay” for the appointment.

Get outta there, Senator!

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